First Art in The Park 2017 in Corozal

It was the first Annual Art in the park that was held on January 21st, 2017. It commenced at 5pm where several boots had already been out on display. Usually, after church at 7pm the music commence. Their where countless people came out to supported the event. I walked towards the park and from the distance I saw the countless people. I heard music echoing through my both ears.  First thing was taking photo's of the Train CHOO! CHOO!, Miss Deb's Deli, Then I went to take photos of the rest of the boots on Central   Park. I couldn't count how much booth their where on this event but their where surely a number of them. Every event it keeps getting better as the months approaches. 

Something that I saw where tourists buying souvenirs as a reminder of what Belize local artists does. Lots of locals enjoyed the music being played on the park. And, some where dancing, walking around the Central Park. During my booth to booth picture's I observed some where made by locals and they did an excellent job doing their art work. While doing that I was hearing the band was playing great music. Food where available for sale pupusas, nachos, garnachas, hot dogs, snacks, cotton candy and more. Excitingly, while walking around the central park I got amazed about what this locals had for their local art exhibition on display. 

Miss DEB'S Deli at the opark.

Choo! Choo! train giving kids ride.

Ear Ring in display.

Hand made baskets for sale at the park. 

Jewelry's for sale.

wood art work for sale.

Ear ring and art wood work for sale.

Handmade jewelery for sale.

Tourists bought handmade for sale.

Bags that where made hand madde wheere