blockage through Belize and Mexico are blocked due t o the fayuqueros

In the face of recent violent incidents in the former international bridge of Subteniente López, which communicates to Mexico and Belize, authorities in this Caribbean nation decided to cancel the passage of local residents who pass by on foot, motorcycles or tricycles, only allowing the entry of vehicles that are Carefully reviewed to locate and arrest suspected fayuqueros who operate in this place.

After the violent incidents that took place on the border between Mexico and Belize, where police officers of this Caribbean nation violated the national territory to try to arrest the alleged fayuqueros of Subteniente Lopez, the relationship between authorities of both nations has become tense because On the Mexican side is the presence of elements of the Army, Navy of Mexico and Federal Police that guard the boundaries between these two nations.

A similar situation could be felt in the 14 communities on the banks of the Hondo River, a natural border of 130 kilometers shared by Mexico and Belize; However, the Belizean authorities determined to reinforce security measures to enter the Free Zone of this Nation, affecting the 300 businesses and casinos that are in the so-called free zone, because visitors are rigorously reviewed, in addition That the input and output times are being limited.

In this order, Estelle Leslie, Assistant Deputy Assistant Secretary for Customs, said that the border incident is an attack on Belizean sovereignty, where officials of this nation were attacked by vandals engaged in the trafficking of goods, liquor and tobacco, according to the report Egbert Flower, Customs officer in Lieutenant Lopez, who witnessed the events where one of his officers was brutally assaulted by Mexican citizens (. Chetumal.-A confrontation between fayuqueros and security personnel of the Free Zone of Belize, caused the temporary closure of the bridge Mexico-Belize located in the community of Subteniente López, which also genus the mobilization of elements of military who cordoned the place To avoid a major confrontation.

This because the so-called fayuqueros exceeded the quantity of merchandise agreed for its passage to the Mexican side, according to cite versions of some involved.
At the moment the transit in said bridge has already returned to normal, but the authorities of both countries - Mexico and Belize - are aware of any other intention to alter the order in the so-called free zone.