Full Moon Surpassing Silence; held in front of the Corozal NICH

Surpassing Silence Performing for the Fullmoon event. 
The Corozal House of Culture made its Saturday night live music possible by the Surpassing Silence from Orange Walk. It was a night that you didn't wanted to miss with your family.. If you couldn't make it this year then you can come next time. This event was sponsor by many businesses to make this event. And, it was passed through live streaming by Estereo Amor from Orange Walk. Surpassing Silence usually takes place on the first Full moon of the year to Celebrate the Full moon. Tourists and locals enjoyed the live music the Rock Band played throughout the night.

During the event you could have visited the inside where they had display of the Pirate's who came to Belize.  The Theme for tonight's Full moon Event was Rock and Roll, Pop music, and Latin Music. Music from Mana, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Micheal Jackson, Rock and roll  were some of the Musics that where played at the event. The Corozal House of Culture is well known for organizing activities that promote art and culture in Corozal featuring local artist from across the district. Every year the house of culture hosts four full moon concerts that showcase the talent of those in the music field. This Saturday the 14th Full Moon Concert that happened at the Corozal House of Culture, and as usual Corozalenos where all invited to come out in  this part event.

I was very anxious to see the event Full-moon in Corozal. And, many retires for around Corozal came out and filled the chairs danced the night away until they stopped playing at 10pm... Some where actually tourists in this event. I can't wait for another concert to take place in Corozal town. You can see the videos and Picture's Below of the event.

Surpassing Silence Performing for the Fullmoon event.

Getting into the groove during the concert. It was watching them play live. 

Surpassing Silence Performing for the Fullmoon event.

Drummer Condrad doing his thing. 

Excitingly, seeing the Surpassing Silence singing.

Manager of Corozal NICH Saying thanks to the audience for coming. 

Inside the Corozal NICH Theme Pirate's of Belize.
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Display about the History of Pirate's that came to Belize.

People seeing the display about the history of Corozal.

How the people of Corozal used before.

Dateline about the history of it became today.