UPDATE:Football Club; Corozal return matches International Football Exchange Program

The weather was beautiful until the rain came in. It was the return matches International Football Exchange Program That was held on Saturday Janaury 14, 17 inside the Ricalde Stadium. It commenced at 10a.m. in the morning where they did a short ceremony for the Football teams. Prayer, Greetings from the Mexican team, Invited Guest Labureya FC from San Pedro - Ricalde Stadium Proudly brought to you by the Corozal Sports Council. Four teams that came in to play on Saturday,  where Pachuca FC Carillio Puerto Vs our very own Junior clubs categories U-8- U-10 and Juniors born 2002 and 2003,San Pedro Ambergris Caye Corozal sports council working in the Development of children in your municipality. It commenced at 10am because their was a delay over one of the teams from Carllio Puerto while coming into the Belize Border. Team Carllio Puerto vs Corozal Invaders played together and they where the starters of the event. The two teams played 45 minutes each and a break during the game. Excitingly, taking photo's of the team was very fun to watch the fan's cheering for their favorite team. And, since it was a last minute choice to come watch Corozal play or San Pedro Ambergris Caye played I had a two choice of my favorite team... 

Pictures of today's games International Sports Exchange Football Program 14 January 2017- Pachuca FC Carillo Puerto vs Corozal Clubs- Congratulations FC F.C. Corozal Invaders for thier dedication and victory in two categories U-10 and Juniors born 2002-2003.Huge Success and Good games The Return Matches international Sports football exchange program Pachuca vs Corozal Children football clubs .Congratulations to yhe team FC Corozal Invaders for their victory on Saturday 14 January winning over Pachuca FC Carillo Puerto in two categories U-10 & Juniors born 2002-2003.Thank you Parents, Coaches,FC Invaders Club , Referees,Mayor Hilberto Campos and Town Council, Chairman Jorge Perez,NSC Board Member Ivan Puerto. 
Children from 4-7,  played first and it became excited during the game and I kept watching them play. It is great to see that this event is coming back to life in Corozal for years.  Each team was very disciplined to come out here and showcase their favorite sport Football. Carllio Puerto won on the first match with the first round at penalties 3 and Invaders 1, second round Carillio Peurto 2 and Invaders 2, third round 3 and Invaders 0. The second team Libertad won by 6 and Carillio Peurto 2. And Both team play an awesome match and they also got tired. When I left the event San Pedro Ambergris Caye and Corozal Invaders played together. The teams had a lot of Supporters by their fan's. Age's from 4-7, 8-9 and 10-14 came to play out on the field. Also, the Sports Council of Corozal Announced that they want to make Corozal, Belize to become more engaged in Mexicans Football Club in Quintana Roo, Mexico. And, to make Belize Football teams known in their country.

The teams where in Groups: A, B, C.

A.) PacHuca FC Carillo Vs. The Invaders FC.
Category- (U-8)  -
Team Vs Team (PACHUCA vs Invaders FC)

Category (U-10)
team VS Team Invaders FC

Category (2002-2003)
Libertdores Vs Pachuca 
Fc Invaders Vs Labureya 
Losers vs Losers 
Winners Vs Winners.

Invaders Vs. Carllio Puerto Team..

Team Greetings with Mexican team Carllio Puerto.. 

Greetings with Mexican team Carllio Peurto Team..

Game getting more excited with the Team Corozal Invaders and Mexican Carllio Peurto. 

It was a fun game game during the game. What a fun watched game. 

A kicking rush game defending their team.

Different ages where in the field today Saturday from 4-7, 8-9 and 10,-14. 

Photoshoot after the game with the team coach, Sports Council Manager.

Troffie goes to Mexican team Carllio Peurto. They scored 3- 2 on the last round against the Invaders. 

Libertad team against with Carllio Peurto 13-16 ages. Libertad won 6 - 3. 

San Pedro against with Invaders. Getting ready to play.

San Pedro Ambergris Caye Preparing to play.