Andrea Bocelli 'Inspector' for finance, routed the big scam of 8 star resort in Belize: 7 arrestsAndrea Bocelli 'Inspector' for finance, routed the big scam of 8 star resort in Belize: 7 arrests

 Posing as a greedy investment evaders entrepreneurs and elderly deceived by an organization that exploited the name of the singer and other stars like John Travolta. Vortex of external accounts and false contracts for the real estate firm impossible nell'atollo ultravincolato. Seizures for 18 million euro

The project of a super deluxe 8-star resort in a fabulous atoll, a 'safe investment' for which expenses are international stars of film and music like John Travolta and Andrea Bocelli, to become their spokesperson knowledge of an international scam promoted using their names. Crucial to the investigation, the collaboration that such Bocelli gave the financiers, who arrested seven people and seized assets for 18 million euro - including real estate, land, company shares, cars and bank accounts - as part of a coordinated investigation from Busto Arsizio attorney. Mission: raking in millions and millions of Euros to build an elusive, unattainable resort in the paradise of Belize islands, ultravincolato.

Andrea Bocelli 'Inspector' for finance, routed the big scam of 8 star resort in Belize: 7 arrests
The 'About Us' on the project website, with detained
The elusive resort. The luxurious resort, at first would rise up in the Dominican Republic. Then, for a permissions issue, the project has become more ambitious and transferred nell'atollo Blue Hole off the coast of Belize. The two islands on which would rise the resort are not owned by the Puerto Azul International Holding Corp. (headquartered in the Bahamas), despite promoters and contracts used for fundraising affermassero the opposite, nor the villas could be built since the area is absolutely Guaranteed clear as subject to rigorous environmental protection.

The stars. The fraudulent castle has used bombastic propaganda events and involvement, through the famous Oscar General manager, Hollywood stars and international artists, see John Travolta and Andrea Bocelli, whose image has been exploited and used to present them as ambassadors of the project and members of Puero Azul International Holding Giannini and La Rosa (capital socile a billion dollars, only "proposed"). The stars, in addition to being completely unrelated to the elusive project, provided, as in the case of Bocelli, a significant contribution to the investigation.

The roundup of money. In a few years, through the systematic sales pitch of unsuspecting investors, lured by false prospettazione of high economic returns in relation to financial instruments, sums of money of tens of millions of Euros have been collected. Giannini has used, over time, of about 40 employees, appropriately educated (insurers, consultants and financial advisors, among which are the figures of Olympian Aloisi, Bocchia Giammarco Claudio and Roberto), which represented the "network" of deputies agents all'abusiva collection, in Italian territory, the real estate funds to invest in the initiative.

Opportunity for big tax evaders and savers elderly. The investigations have led to the conclusion, that the company turned to wealthy entrepreneurs who need to reinvest money originating from tax evasion of their companies (the most striking case involved the sum of 6.5 million euro), or even to elderly deceived and stripped of savings (of all, the story of a 90 year-old cheated by 700 thousand euro with a false signature on both the investment contract on a bank check).

The financial vortex. The promoter, after identifying the customer, proposed the "diversification" of the portfolio; later, the customer was conducted at the offices of Lugano Dgh Sagl (holding company headed by Giannini Domenico), where they were shown a model of the project and a catchy video on the atoll of Belize. Then he went to the signing false contracts

(Example of "time-sharing real estate") and investment with subsidies diverted to "the shore" accounts created specifically in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belize to evade the supervision of banks. The money raised, after being passed on current accounts in Luxembourg and Belize, was returning, in large part, in Swiss accounts in the availability of Giannini, who used it to pay for itself and its network of agents in order to continue to feed the scam .


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