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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Simone Bile visited Belize to welcome her event that took place in Belize for her award ceremony

Gold-medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles visited Belize this week, making it a good on a promise to visit the country after Olympics.  Biles, who was part of the gold-medal-winning team at the Rio Olympics (and also won a bronze on the balance beam), is the daughter of a Belizean mother and is a dual U.S.-Belize citizen.After Belize’s tourism board tweeted congratulations to Biles on her victory and invited her to visit, she tweeted back, “My second home, you betta Belize we’re coming.”Biles will receive a national welcome on Thursday including a Grand Welcome Motorcade including representatives from some of Belize’s sporting associations.
“Simone’s success at such a young age will not only serve as an inspiration and motivation to our athletes to strive for excellence in all they do but as an inspiration and motivation to all Belizeans countrywide,” the Belize Tourism Board said in a statement.Biles will receive a national welcome on Thursday including a Grand Welcome Motorcade includin…

Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union 2016 Christmas Give-away

What is Christmas? Yes, that Christmas. You think a lot of meanings of Christmas.  Christmas can also be giving back to your community, donating to charity year round, or donating to kids foundations. Today,  the Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union gave back to the community customers as part of the Christmas season giving back to there customers. Every year the Bank of Saint Francis Xavier Credit Union in the month of December, they give away a lot of toys for the kids to enjoy. It is a tradition they took over since they began.  
They had a lot of toys it took 20 minutes for a child to receive one gift today in front of the bank. So? what are they doing? They are giving back to the community as an appreciation for those who have opened an account with them. Today, children enjoyed their gift that was given to Santa Clause and they enjoyed it. One gift per child was given at the event. So, if you couldn't make it for this year's event, then come out next year for a Christmas G…

Corozal Christmas Parade 2016 was held on Sunday December 18, 2016

It was the traditional Corozal Christmas Parade that commenced at the Central Park, Corozal Town at 6pm on Sunday, 18th December.  People lined up on the streets the night of December 18th, 2016 for the parade sponsored by The Hon. Pablo Marin and the Town Council. And, along with all the members of the Corozal Town Council were on floats to greet and throw toys and candy to the crowds.
All floats were distributing sweets and toys to the bystanders. Or, either played music, danced, motorcycles,  Cho! Cho! train, Santa Clause, hoarse, and more. The parade ended at the Andres Campos Civic Center where there all end it up. The colorful floats and its creativity the people put to showcase this parade was honored by the town council. Christmas is a time of caring and sharing and to bring joy to the ones in need. That was the feeling everyone in Corozal had this past Sunday. You could hear people on the street side saying how much they enjoyed the parade and what a wonderful job the Hon. P…