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Travel to the world's famous Belizean Chicken Bus; And how to travel from Chetumal to Belize

Corozal shares a strong historical connection with our Mexican neighbors, and is the birthplace and home of the Mestizos (Maya and Spaniard culture). Today, the district encompasses a diverse population of ethnic backgrounds that have blended to give the people a distinctively relaxed outlook on life, making Corozal a tranquil paradise. The warm and welcoming locals makes this haven the perfect getaway destination.
Located 89 miles north of Belize City and only 7 miles from the Mexican border, the town has a population of almost 10,000. Corozal is a haven for retirees from Europe and North America, but don’t feel like you have to take things slow here. Travelers and retirees love it here because Corozal is off the tourist track and, with everything from sport fishing to ancient Maya Temples to the Shipstern Nature Reserve, there’s plenty to do. Home to a mixture of cultures and some 15,000 residents.
Why travel to Belize? Belize is a unique place to travel. There are so much things to…

The Farm House Deli cafe; Your Deli... For your Belli

"The Farm House Deli café; Your Deli... For your Belli"?  Yap, all you think is food for your belly. The Farm House Deli Café is a restaurant that makes smoked ham, bread bakery, lunch food,  sells local fruits, vegetables, local cortido, local sauce and more. Surprisingly, The food is great and the best thing your food is being made by scratch. Even their bread you buy is made by scratch bakery and nothing is made copied.  The restaurant is located in Belmopan Corner Rio Grande Ave and Nim Li Punit St and for reservation call them at 822-3354. Today I went to take photo's of a local business called The Farm House Deli Café. It is not an ordinary Deli. You'll see them travelling around the country promoting their business. And, it is the best thing to do in Belize. To let people know about your products you make.

The Farm House Deli Café includes in their menu ORANGE WALK .. this Thursday ..November 10 , 2016 9 am to 2 pm in the Central Park under the big tree. And, …