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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Sunday October 30, 2016 A view from Corozal; a blog about the churches in Corozal

Every year in Corozal, all the churches from around Corozal, District organizes an event to do a church parade. It is held in October of every year. Different youth Groups from different churches come out to dance, sing and preach the Jesus Christ. As the youth becomes engage with the different churches in Corozal, there's also missionaries that travel to Belize to help the youths to engage in a positive , productive events.  Some, can travel around Belize to meet with youth groups around Belize. So, if you're a church leader, come out next year to join the church parade. 
Today, I went to take photos of the church parade that was held right hear in Corozal. The day was perfect to come out. It was not to hot or too isolated; but a cool low 80's temperature. I saw a group of children sang along the christian music and  throwing out sweats to the public. Kids dressed in clowns, angels, jesus, different highlighted colors and more. After parking at Civic Center, they come he…