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Belize Belikin 2016 Launching

The Belikin Calendar is currently one of the best showcases of Belizean women in swimsuits, promoting Belizean beer Belikin. Launched over a decade ago by the late patriarch of the local Coca Cola franchise Barry Bowen, the calendar has gone from racy, to bland, to interesting, as a revolving door of art directors and photographers try to top each other every year.Nouveau Model Management Models Jaymilee Flowers and Norielli Sandoval gracing the pages of the 2016 Belikin Calendar in Belize. Nouveau Model - Jaymilee makes the cover of the 2016 Belikin Calendar as well as Miss October. Nouveau Model - Norielli is representing Miss March in the 2016 Belikin Calendar. Nouveau Models came out to lend their support to their Nouveau Sisters in this years Belikin Calendar. #NouveauModelManagement #Belize #BelizeModels #BelizeTopModels #BelizeModelingAgency #Model #Modeling #ModelLife #ModelingAgency #Caribbean #CaribbeanModels #CaribbeanTopModels #NewYork #LosAngeles #Chicago #Milan #Paris #L…

Why do Mexico Celebrate the Day of the Death in November? And, What is the death spirit?

Some, San Pedranos in Belize, believe in this culture since some family migrated from Mexico. They brought along this culture on the island and since became a well known culture. But, the culture is not mentioned much and the words died down. I will give you a litlle I will give this blog to how Mexicans celebrate the month of the spirits. 

Janal Pixán, also written Hanal Pixán, words in the Mayan language (pronúnciase janal Pishan)? (Maya: Janal (Food) and Pixán (Alma that gives life to the body), 'Food of souls') 1 is the name in Mayan language of the traditional food that the dead whose commemoration is done on the peninsula of Yucatan, in towns and cities of origin or Mayan influence, on Nov. 2 is offered.

In the states of Mexico that make the Yucatan Peninsula is celebrated Janal Pixan on 31 October, which is the Children's Day, on November 1, which is the adults and 2 it is of all the saints . The celebration begins long before with embroidered tablecloths used on the …