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Corozal Art in the Park October 15, 2016 and a rainy night

Tonight was another excellent night as I attended The Corozal Art in the Park on Saturday October 15, 2016. An amount of people that works hard day and night to start up a business came out tonight to showcase their hard dedicate Art work in Corozal. Observing the items presented to the public attracted the public. In the past Art in the Park I was previously asked the question a lot: "For who I am blogging for?"  I have been blogging for a while and because no one knows me it makes it difficult for me as a blogger to take picture's and to promote Corozal. I work for promoting Belize and the entire nation in a positive way.

Tonight was a very little different than the last one I went. I saw a few new promoter's  and a few repeater's. As you see the picture below is an Ice cream cone with marsh mellow, Apple filled with chocolate on the edge with a sprinkled  sweet. There was a local product that is made right here in Corozal. She is miss Dr Susan does local medici…