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Orange Walk Carnival 2016 Hype carnival

On the 21st of September, many Belizeans travel to “Sugar City” Orange Walk for its annual Carnivalparade celebrating the jewel’s Independence anniversary. .It was Independence Day and Belizeans got ready to celebrate Belize’s 35th anniversary as a sovereign nation. In the municipality of Orange Walk, a carnival road march was held around town. Kendra Anderson, Administrative Assistant for the Orange Walk Town Council told the media. One of the most festive days in Belize is September 21 or Independence Day. It’s the one holiday you can be certain all Belizeans will be out celebrating – performing or mingling in parades, spending time with family and hopping from one barbecue party to the next. A former British colony, Belize celebrates its anniversary of independence starting on the first of the month, with numerous cultural events, plenty of concerts and outdoor fun, and even a carnival – all of which culminate on the 21st.  This period is known as the September Celebrations. Startin…

Corozal Carnival September 20th, 16

On September 20, 16 the parade commenced at 1-pm were people gathered in front of the Corozal bus station to witness the Carnival floats. I couldn't imagine that the temperature was very high in the 90's.  I saw a lot of people buying cold drinks to cool off from extreme heat.  With umbrella's and under the shade still wasn't enough for the heat to cool of the body since there where to much people gathered in one line. At around 3pm, I heard the sirene from the distance and everyone got excited of seeing the parade commence. I was standing next to one of my friend under the umbrella while I was taking my photos. How fun was that? she was part of my background helper Suzanne Vasquez.
The colourful floats red white and blue which is the color that reperesnts the flag of Belize. Other groups had different coloured uniform's, floats, dances, skits  and presentation. Some groups where hyped up dureing the parade.  Corozal Community College, Corozal sailing club, San Nar…