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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Three cars are involved in a car accident this morning in Corozal town

It was an unusual start of the day when three cars where involved in a car accident. In the early morning of Friday September 16, 2016  between 7am and 8am A white truck license CZL C16284,  Government Vehicle license BZ B815 and a Dodge vehicle White C06294 where involved in the car accident. I witnessed the accident  minutes after it happened. In the aftermath of the car accident  One car had workers at the back, a government vehicle had woman and the private car had few men inside. They did left some seriously damages in the Northern Highway in front of the UNO Gas. The Dodge was the one with the worst damage than the other two. Government's vehicle was damaged in front of the vehicle. and the truck had some few minor scratches.  

According to what I was told the Dodge vehicle White C06294 was speeding on the right hand side where the Government Vehicle license BZ B815  was in the left hit the Dodge and spin around and lost control and hit the cement post, into the left hand sid…

The Corozal House of culture Pirates in Belize Exhibition Launch

On Wednesday morning at 9am September 15, 16 the Corozal held its Pirate's in Belize Exhibit Launch in Corozal town.  The ceremony commenced at 9am at the Corozal house of culture with an opening ceremony. The schools and visitors who attended the event was excited to launched the Pirates in Belize Exhibit.

I read each display of the history of the Pirates how the Spain fought there rights for land which is  now today mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and the rest of the Spanish speaking country. It gave details about such dates when the Mayas fought for their rights as slavery. Spaniards came to this side of the world using slavery as a workers. Spaniards used slavery as money or to cut down logwoods in Central America. They learnt how to build ships, weapons and hunt.

The Europeans did want the money for doing slavery. Today,  Belize is lucky because the History says that a special agreement was made with the United Kingdom to continue being a British Honduras. It talks a…

A sneak pick of Hurricane Earl that hit Corozal

A tropical storm warning was in effect for Cabo Gracias a Dios westward to the Honduras-Guatemala border as well as from north of Puerto Costa Maya to Punta Allen, Mexico.
Earl's centre of circulation is expected to move close to the Honduras Bay Islands in the next few hours and then come ashore in Belize tonight or early Thursday.

But Earl's effects will precede its core. The hurricane centre said Earl had grown into a large storm, and tropical storm force winds extended about 140 miles from its centre -- mainly to the northeast.
In addition to winds, Earl is expected to produce a storm surge of up to 6 feet above normal along the coasts of Honduras, Belize and the eastern Yucatan and near and north of where the centre comes onshore.
Earl is now the second hurricane of 2016 in the Atlantic. Alex formed in January and tracked through the Azores before dissipating.

Today, I took a general drive by around the area of Libertad Village, Corozal and Corozal town. There isn't much w…

A walk in Corozal

It was a humid  Saturday afternoon in Corozal town. And, everyone was out to enjoy the day in Corozal. Kids and adults are out swimming in the sea. Since there is an event happening right now at the beach, everyone is out enjoying the weather. 

This event is a beach party for everyone to come out and enjoy the live music. I walked on the park and it was covered by a fence. a fee is being charged to enter right now. A bar is set inside the area and large speakers was set infront of the bar. So if you are looking for an afternoon to enjoy yourself come out right now at Rainbow beach before the sun sets in Corozal town.

The pictures down below shows you were its all happening and view of my walk.
 I Started my walk heading to Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach Popular park on the shore of Corozal Bay, Corozal Town, Belize.

 Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach Popular park on the shore of Corozal Bay, Corozal Town, Belize. The video below show a view of the park.

 Below is the video with live …