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Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

Arrt In The Park held in Corozal

The Corozal 10th St George's Caye day in Corozal

It was a beautiful Saturday morning here in Corozal just like any other day. Today is special for Belize. It is a day of the Battle of Saint George's Caye holiday. Today Belize celebrated 218th year of Battle of St George’s Caye holiday. The Battle of St. George's Caye was a short military engagement that lasted from 3 to 10 September 1798, off the coast of what is now Belize. However, the name is typically reserved for the final battle that occurred on 10 September.
The Spaniards had previously attempted to expel the British settlers and their slaves on six occasions, most recently in 1779. September 10, 1798 marked the final Spanish attempt to take over the area. Today, the Battle of St. George's Caye is a national public and bank holiday.In Corozal , Saint Georges was celebrated at the Central Park with a Cermony. It commenced at 9am and it took one hour for the ceremony to conclude. It commenced in front of the Library and the people were out to celebrate the Belize’s h…

Reggae Fest opening night at Chetumal REGGAE FEST

Every year in Chetumal the Reggae fest is held in September. The ceremony started with the display of Bob Marley at the boulevard almost infront of the events building in Chetumal. On Friday's opening it was the singers Despika, Godwana and Ky-mani Marley. People from all over the country of Belize and Chetumal came to this event. It was an excellent reggae concert you did not wanted to miss. Well, as you now at any reggae concert you'll smell that ganga smell which is part of the culture of there roots. Governor Roberto Borge Angulo announced that everything was ready for that from Friday 9th to Sunday 11 September the second edition of Reggae Fest Chetumal 2016 is performed, with the stellar performance of international bands, as Gondwana, Inner Circle, ganja, Tanya Carter and Ce'Cile, and other national and local on the Esplanade of Allegiance and spa "Two Mules" free.'For three days we expect the influx of up to 60,000 attendees, including local, national…