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A Beach day in San Pedro town view

When I arrived on the island the rain came down until mid-morning.  I started my day viewing the fire on middle street. The picture to my left that started from a store. Up to today, there's no evidence to what started this fire on Pescador drive. 
 Hurricane Earl had damaged a lot of things in San Pedro Ambergris Caye on the morning of August 4th. During my walk to the beach, I saw so many bridges, fences, palapas, trees, polls, beach erosion, My friend Kendell's Ecological Diver shop was gone, Patojo's Bridge and more were gone.  People who want to volunteer to help people in San Pedro can do so tomorrow at the Paradise Theatre at 8am. My day continued very slow and mellow as I visited one of my friends at the Coffee Bar on front street (Barrier Reef Drive). But, people on the island never gives up anything that happens, from good to bad everyone will always help each other. Today I can say that the island is recovering slowly but surely. Many businesses are back to work…

Identity Youth Art Exhibition 2016 was held in Corozal inside the NICH Building

Everyone was invited to attend the Identity Youth Exhibition inside the house of Culture in Corozal. The event was held on August 12, 2016. It commenced at 7pm where everyone gathered to witness the Artworks made by youths and adults. Even the artwork was for sale. is Identity Youth Exhibition? It is where young Male and Female youth's from Corozal bring out their acrylic paintings, Video Animations, Wood Works, and many other paintings to sell. Even Adults joined this event to promote how they paint their creative paintings. It was the Third Annual Identity Youth Art Exhibition 2016 that was held inside the Corozal NICH Building. The Art Exhibition commenced at 7:30pm.  Well, on tonight's opening ceremony was a little short due to lack of audience. But, the show still moved on. On the beginning of the Identity Youth Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony the National Anthem was played, Invocation by Ms. Lydia Rancharan Pollard, Welcome Address by Nekeisha Lima, a Keynote speech by M…

Camp Belize Held by Jerry Jeff Walker's in San Pedro Ambergris Caye

It all takes place on Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Town, Belize, Central America. Once again, each week of Camp Belize will have two concerts in 2017.
Head with us to the Caribbean for music, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, rum punch, Belikin beer and quality beach-time. Camp Belize is a fun-filled week. Once you are on the island all plans cease, and you simply relax and enjoy music, the charm of the little island, the sea, the spectacular reef, and the tropic moon.

Jerry Jeff's shows are the only planned activities for the week. Other nights, and every day, you have the freedom to plan your own down time, whatever you desire.
Your time and activities belong to you and your imagination. The reef and near-by dive sites offer some of the best scuba diving in the world. For those who are not scuba certified, there is no better place to snorkel than on the reef where you are sure to be brushed by large manta rays and have that once-in-a-lifetim…