Corozal view A cool morning

Today, was two days after the rain fell in the entire country of Belize. And, most Belizean's workers are returning back to work after a long Christmas holiday for businesses. It was a quiet holiday and hundred's of people traveled abroad for the holiday's. Childrens countrywide at this time are still on vacation. The weather will hold on for a while in Belize.  This morning a went to take picture's of Corozal beachside. Here's the blog below.

The Belize Hydro-met reported earlier today that the weather will be:  Sunny with cloudy spells today and cloudy at times tonight. A few showers and isolated thunderstorms will continue to affect mainly central and southern areas. Tourists from around the world are visiting Belize, Surprisingly, several tourists where out in Corozal either walking, running, leaving town and eating a morning out on restaurants. Surprisingly, I took few picture's of locals hanging out enjoying the weather. I met some locals that where exchanging me some information about how Corozal was back then.  Another interesting thing was a took a photo of kids catching fish  with a Taraya net. And, one of the kid shout at me to come take a photo of him while he throws the net. The morning was very windy, clear and not to cloudy. My walk was quiet I could even hear dogs, plane passing by, music on the far distance, watched birds passing by, senior man carrying a three-wheeler bike and the beach was clean. 
My beginning of the walk down to South end of Corozal. 
 I was walking infront of the Xavier School and one of them stopped me and with his kind words asked me to take a photo of him. But, not only him, with two more persons. He laughed jokingly, "I want to take a photo with my three  musketeers." so, meeting with them and a long conversation was very interesting to here stories about Corozal.
Thunderbolt's Bridge. Also, known as where the new Isla Ferry docks.

Fishermen use this place to sell fish. Fishermen travel's to Sartenja to Corozal.

A Beach Park in fornt of Marry Hill School.

People use the slide and bridge to swim.

This morning three kids where out catching fish with their Tara-ya net known in Belize (Fish Net). Many fishermen especially in Corozal, Sartenejea, and San Pedro make this Taraya. 

A lot of this are used in Corozal Sartenja and San Pedro.

This morning's view in Corozal.

Corozal town is a town in the nation of Belize, capital of Corozal, District. Corozal town is located about 84 miles north of Belize City, and 9 miles from the border of Chetumal. The population of Corozal town, according to the results of 2010 census, is 9, 871. Corozal was a private estate becoming a town in the 1840's, mostly settled by mestizos refugees from the castle war of Yucatan. Much of the town was built over an ancient Maya city, sometimes known as Santa Rita, this may have been the original Pre-Columbia town called Chetumal. Corozal town was badly damaged by hurricane Janet in 1955, and was substantially rebuilt afterwards. 


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