Corozal Car Show 2016 Held inside Caribbean Villas Inside Menzies Ground

On Sunday December 4th, 2016 The North Ryders Car Club held its Car show from 9am to 5pm. And, 3 for 10 caribe, Sting, Mangnium beer. it was held at Caribbean Village south end of Corozal. It was a day you didn't wanted to miss this exciting event. 10$ registration was given to those who wished to enter on the event. 2$ was charged at the event at the entrance. Cars from Jeep, Chevy, Ninja, Harly davidson, Ford and more where on the scene. Their where lots of motorcycle in the event. I came just in time to take a clip of how a group arrived at the scene. The public where invited to attend this event and many locals didn't know about it. And the weather was extremely warm up in the 80's to low 90's Fahrenheit.  North Ryders club gave prizes to the most famous, fastest, coolest, loudest,cleanest andmore.  So, Here is a blog to take you where it all happened below. 

Suzuki Sports Ninja.

Ninja's display on the compound.

Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

Jeep on display.

Sports car.

Chevy Sports car.

Sports car.

Chevy Car.

All Motorist's are line up as they just arrrived at the scene.
Testing the ride to see how fast it works.

Warm up motorcycle. Do want to try one? Then come out next year for a ride in the motorcycle.

So extremely excited to see this event took place in Corozal today.

Trying out his new motorcycle.