Corozal 2016 Christmas Lightening Show was held on December 3rd, 2016

Christmas is all about having a blessed time with family and friends. It was the 9th annual event of the Christmas lightening show of Corozal town. Everyone gather at Central Park to witness the colorful dancers on stage.  It commenced at 7:30-pm and everyone was waiting until it started. n of The show was ordered first ordered by the prayer, Speech by a couple of Councilor's, Biography was honor by three people, Certificates where awarded by three students, Speech by the Mayor; Christmas lightening,  and last the Show numbered by order of dances, karaoke and Skit. Surprisingly, the kids and the adults enjoyed this Christmas feeling event. Love Fm, Radio turquesa and other  media where available to give live coverage of the show.

This year's event took longer and more schools where involved in the show. Mayor of Corozal mentioned that they been working since October 1st, of 2016 to make this event an successful and enjoyable event. And, he mentioned some several names to thank them for the help they been doing ever since. Thankfully, if it wasn't because of the people they wouldn't had this event. Different dance group like Rainbow dance group, Corozal Senior Group, Anglican School, Karaoke,  and several other groups came out to present their show and dances. Christmas Lightening Show 2016 was honored and sponsored by the Mayor of Corozal. I liked the part when they lighted the tree and everyone was excited to see the light of the Christmas tree. 

Afterwards, came the fireworks and it was amazing to see it up close. and, since I was infront of the town hall I manage to take some close up picture's of the fireworks. I also, felt that pop stinging in my face. So, imagine those bigger one's. During the highlight's of the show I was taking picture's of the event. Taking photo's during the show was fun and interesting. Corozalenos came out from around the Surrounding villages of Corozal to witness this show. And, the chairs was filled before I came out at 7pm. During that night, their where two event's held at the same time. The other one was held at the Xavier Primary School. With Kids performing for their Chirstmas school event. It was a n busy night. No one was ever happier than the Choo! Choo! (children's) train that carried around costumers for the ride. A lot of decorations was decorated at the central park with limited light's and ideas of the helper's. The night was lighted with colorful light's and season greatings. You could have taken picture's with the decorations. And, it wasn't just about the show, It was about coming out with your family and witnessing the show and had that Christmas feeling. 



Fire Works.
Fireworks infront of the Central Park.
Christmas Lightening 2016.
Infront of the town Hall

Beginner's making their dance more

Drummer's presenting themselves in the show of Christmas Lightening.

Karaoke guy singing his christmas song. 

She performed her spanish song mariachi.

Drummer's making music at the same time they are singing a Christmas song.

Rainbow Group performing their dance.

I walk close to the Christmas Tree to take some photo's of the tree. 

Ginger bread and the Candy cane house and the clock tower is lighted up. 
Season's greetings to from the town. 

More decoration of the park.


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