A Morning walk in Corozal: After they morning Rain

It's quiet interesting every time I come out to take photo's of Corozal. Birds flying by, planes driving by, kids enjoying the morning, people out shopping, and several businesses have music outside playing music. It is two days and a half before New Year's Eve. Everyone in town are getting things before the other holidays. I enjoy coming out to take photo's especially in the morning's when the sun is bright and shinny. Sometime's it is difficult to take photo's when it is cloudy. So, sometime's I wait until the weather is cleared out. Everyone are working all this week until New Year's. So, if you want to come visit Corozal make sure you have cover sleeper's, a short pants, sleeves shirt, to enjoy the weather. Many tourists would come out early for breakfast to enjoy their. 

Here's several restaurant you can enjoy coffee or Breakfast: Tropical Splash 7th Avenue,  June's Kitchen, RD's Corozal town, Jo-Mel-in Restaurant in Corozal Town, Almond Tree Restaurant and the Turtle Bar, Liz's Fast Food,  Serenity Sands eco-friendly resort. Other restaurants you wish to visit Corozo Blue's Corozal, Patty's Bistro, Scotty's Bar and Grill, Primo's bar and Grill, Mario's BBQ, Buccaneer Palapa Restaurant, Enrique's Bar and Grill, Blue Iguana Corozal, Trade-winds restaurant at Orchid Bay,  Francesca's beach Bar at Cerros Sands, The smugglers den Consejo, Chez Didi Sarteneja, KCK Corozal town, Cj's Shack Corozal town, Catalina Sports bar and Karaoke, Nathalies Restaurant at Backpacker's Paradise in Corozal, Primo's Casita Bar and Restaurant, Wood house Bistro, Venke's Kabob, Corner Corozal town, Y not Grill and Bar, Crabby E's Bar and Grill, Habanero Grill Corozal Town, Z restaurant, Hidden secret, Newtown Restaurant and bar, Cactus Plaza, Mel's Fastfood Restaurant. I had a great time taking photo's in Corozal Town. And, their's a lot to do in town beside's going to eat. You can go kayaking, boat ride, fishing boat ride, Butterfly view. 
So, next time you plan a trip to Belize come by Corozal and enjoy an relaxing trip in town and enjoy the quietness the small town has. 
In front of Scotty's Bar and Grill.

Corozal House of Culture view. 

After the rain. 

Children's Park infront of the Xavier School.

Corozal Dreams Park.

Almost infront of Primo's Restaurant. 

Infront of Hokol kin.

In front where Agriculture House.  where they sell vehicle's.

Infront of Maya Hotel Corozal. 


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