Three cars are involved in a car accident this morning in Corozal town

It was an unusual start of the day when three cars where involved in a car accident. In the early morning of Friday September 16, 2016  between 7am and 8am A white truck license CZL C16284,  Government Vehicle license BZ B815 and a Dodge vehicle White C06294 where involved in the car accident. I witnessed the accident  minutes after it happened. In the aftermath of the car accident  One car had workers at the back, a government vehicle had woman and the private car had few men inside. They did left some seriously damages in the Northern Highway in front of the UNO Gas. The Dodge was the one with the worst damage than the other two. Government's vehicle was damaged in front of the vehicle. and the truck had some few minor scratches.  

According to what I was told the Dodge vehicle White C06294 was speeding on the right hand side where the Government Vehicle license BZ B815  was in the left hit the Dodge and spin around and lost control and hit the cement post, into the left hand side of the highway and came back into the right hand side.  The Truck licensed CZL C16284 was behind the scene avoiding the accident and got hit by the Government vehicle.  At the time I arrived  police were still investigating the matter to see who had the fault for this accident and who is responsible.

white truck license CZL C16284, Government Vehicle license BZ B815

Cement was broken pulled out of the ground.
Dodge vehicle White C06294
Some damages of the Dodge car.

Dodge vehicle White C06294  Bumber is damaged.

This what the Dodge had left after the accident.


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