The Corozal 10th St George's Caye day in Corozal



It was a beautiful Saturday morning hear in Corozal just like any other day. Calm, hot quiet and a slow start for Belize. Since, it’s a holiday today everyone are doing their own thing. This morning the Corozal held its 218th year of Battle of St George’s Caye holiday. It commenced at 9am and it took one hour for the ceremony to conclude. It commenced in front of the Library and the people were out to celebrate the Belize’s holiday. Since, its two event going on this weekend the reggae fest and this weekend’s St George’s Caye majority of the people took off for the holiday weekend in Chetumal. Let’s come back to Corozal. National Anthem, Mayor Speech, Welcome address, Tribute speech, Handing over the crown to miss 2016-17, Vote of thanks, was a part of this event’s ceremony. The speech was about to make this country a change and stop the violence in Belize and become stronger in our community. To make changes in the Corozal zone and complete the promises the mayor promised. Will they?

After the conclusion of the ceremony the Mayor of Corozal announced to applaud miss 2015 for her presentation of her miss universe that will take place today in Belize. The parade then commenced by order. BDF Soldiers, Kids cadet, Band and jump up parade. But, it was a short ceremony today and a short parade for the town. When will we have a longer and better parade? It’s about making our country a better country for our Independence. The government should invest the money like promoting reggae in the Caribbean like Chetumal did this weekend.


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