Subteniente Lopez;Belize

Second lieutenant Lopez also known as Santa Elena is a town inthe Mexican state of Quintana Roo , is the main border crossing between Mexico and Belize , located on the banks of the Rio Hondo twelve kilometers ChetumalQuintana Roo .
Second lieutenant Lopez is the main point of border trade between Mexico and Belize, it is located infront of Santa Elena , Corozal ,Belize , population whose main attraction is a free commercial zone located before the Belizean customs and attracts buyers from around the Mexican southeast .
Originally known as Santa Elena, in the late 30's and during the government of Rafael E. Melgar as Governor of the Territory of Quintana Roo, they removed the names of origin religious populations, becoming Santa Elena in Subteniente López and nearby Payo Bishop in Chetumal .
In 2007 works for the construction of a second border bridge crossing the Rio Hondo, which was completed in 2013. The new crossing is known as the border port "began Chactemal ". In the same year, the old bridge Lieutenant Lopez is closed, diverting most of vehicular traffic to the new road and leaving only open for pedestrian and vehicular traffic light of Mexico to Belize with restricted hours.


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