Corozal Mechanical Rides 2016 are Here. Don't have plans this weekend? Check here for more.

Here is what is going on in Corozal this weekend. The Department of Youth Services in Corozal District invites all youth to be a part of the summer program that they have prepared for young people. Lots of Learning and Lots of Fun! Join us! for more info contact us at 402-0440 or
Youth between ages 15 and 29 are invited to participate.
See the photo for programs and schedule.
Department of Youth Services, Corozal, #99 5th Avenue (2nd floor of Dave's Photo Studio).
Dept of Youth Services

 I went for a walk to see the rides that left San Juaqin village, Corozal to Corozal town here at Civic Centre. Today is a very nice day to come out and enjoy your day, especially this weekend were the rides will be open for the weekend here in Corozal. Every year in Corozal after the San Juaqin Fiesta Rama the last week of August the rides come to Corozal. So, kids get ready for this Friday night were the opening will be held at the civic center. Where will your good-self lead you this weekend? - In less than two weeks from today, most preschools, primary and secondary schools will be open for classes. Here is your last chance to bring out the entire family this weekend and enjoy Mechanical Rides at the the Andres Campos Civic Center Grounds - Carousel - Roller Coaster - Wheel of Fortune - Games - The rides will begin on  Friday Aug 26....Don't miss out. We invite everyone from Corozal's 26 villages and Orange Walk to enjoy this weekend's events before the opening of school classes.


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