A walk in Corozal

It is a humid  afternoon in a Saturday afternoon in Corozal town.  Corozal's weather is perfect to come out and enjoy the weather right now, since it is not raining. Kids and adults are out swimming in the sea. Since there is an event happening right now at the beach, everyone is out enjoying the weather. My walk this afternoon I saw enough teenagers enjoying themselves at the event. From selfies, to swim suites teenagers, to live music and enough booze  it is a great afternoon to come right now.

This event is a beach party for everyone to come out and enjoy the live music. I walked on the park and it was covered by a fence. a fee is being charged to enter right now. A bar is set inside the area and large speakers was set infront of the bar. So if you are looking for an afternoon to enjoy yourself come out right now at Rainbow beach before the sun sets in Corozal town.

The pictures down below shows you were its all happening and view of my walk.
 I Started my walk heading to Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach
Popular park on the shore of Corozal Bay, Corozal Town, Belize.

 Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach
Popular park on the shore of Corozal Bay, Corozal Town, Belize. The video below show a view of the park.

 Below is the video with live music happening now at Rainbow Beach Rainbow Beach. Come on down an enjoy the water view. before the sunset.

Sorry my finger's came out. here a clue of what's happening right at the beach.

So if you want visit Corozal town, you can enjoy the tranquillity view of the natural water Corozal has to offer. Come on down and enjoy the Corozal's beauty.


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