A morning vybzes in Corozal with coffee and Meat Pie's and Corozal Jouvy Carnival

Are you a person who love coffee living in Corozal and you are searching in town? Then, don't worry, because I have a couple of scoops information to guide you where to get your best coffee in town. Yes! and I know that nobody can't be without coffee. Especially, those coffee lovers  in Corozal. So, here is my Saturday scoop with Meat Pie's and Coffee.

Belizean's love Meat Pie's, especially those famous darious meat pie's in Belize City. Meat Pie's are famous because of that thick crust, meat sauce inside. But, Nothing like some homemade here in Corozal town. I found two places that sells Meat Pie's and you don't haft to travel to Belize city to get the Meat Pie's. The first one is at 4th Avenue and the other one is at 5th st South.  Below are some photos to where you can visit in the morning's for some meat pie's. They are open very early in the mornings.
5th Avenue meat pie's.

4th Avenue meat pie's. Chunky's Meat Pie's
5th Avenue South. Y'll see this house on the right hand side going towards the east and the
left hand side going west.

Looking for coffee in Corozal town? I visit Tropical Splash and a new coffee place right next to DIVA'S BOUTIQUE in Corozal. Tropical Splash is located at 7th Avenue. Tables are inside and well Air condition. Menu has some delicious varieties of coffee. Such as Starbucks and Dukin Donuts coffee, smoothies, Now available in 16 & 20oz Sizes Tangy Mango Chamoy,  Reeses Peanut butter cups Smoothies, Mocha Frapp made with 100% Authentic Starbucks Mocha Coffee, $5 and Splashers Don't Forget Thirsty Thursday all Frapps and Smoothies are only $4.00. For more information visit there facebook page at: At Tropical Splash
Tropical Splash

 Now lets move on to the next coffee place in town. It is located right next to DIVA's BOTIQUE. It is located on the corner of 1st street south and 5th avenue. They have Ice Cream, Smoothies, and three dollars up coffee. It is very delicious and cold to have it on a hot day. It is new and tables are inside. It is not Air Condition. But, you can't beat a three dollars coffee so, come on in and visit us today and try our coffee today.  

Need to cool off? Come in for an Iced Coffee topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate

(Credit: Colleen Steege)
A taster of what we have to offer here at Shipley's. We hope to see you all soon!

 If you are interested please contact:
637-9302 or 621-4879
* Booking is recommended *
We hope to see you there!

Señor Coffee is a newly-formed small business located in the Hall’s Layout area of Corozal Town, Belize. Señor Coffee is committed to providing the best coffee and espresso service and experience to its customers. call them at: 660-8092

And last but not least a brand new PIZZA place is opening on Monday in Corozal. To all PIZZA lover's out there? come get your 15$ small and big for 25$ Pizza only here at Johny's Bay View PIZZA.  And today Saturday is open for sampling.

New Pizza in Corozal. Johny's Bay View Pizza.

Stage is ready for J'ouvert in front of the Central Park.

Remember This Saturday Night / Sunday Morning It's All About Corozal Jouvert 🔥😈

We Start Off Saturday Night With The Pre Party Infront Of Corozal Town Council Then @ 4AM We Kick Off With The Jouvert


You Know This One Gonna Be For The Books


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