Identity Youth Art Exhibition 2016 was held in Corozal inside the NICH Building

Everyone was invited to attend the Identity Youth Exhibition inside the house of Culture in Corozal. The event was held on August 12, 2016. It commenced at 7pm where everyone gathered to witness the Artworks made by youths and adults. Even the artwork was for sale. is Identity Youth Exhibition? It is where young Male and Female youth's from Corozal bring out their acrylic paintings, Video Animations, Wood Works, and many other paintings to sell. Even Adults joined this event to promote how they paint their creative paintings. It was the Third Annual Identity Youth Art Exhibition 2016 that was held inside the Corozal NICH Building. The Art Exhibition commenced at 7:30pm.  Well, on tonight's opening ceremony was a little short due to lack of audience. But, the show still moved on. On the beginning of the Identity Youth Art Exhibition Opening Ceremony the National Anthem was played, Invocation by Ms. Lydia Rancharan Pollard, Welcome Address by Nekeisha Lima, a Keynote speech by Mr. David Akierman, Poetry Recital by Vianny Bautista and then Vote of thanks by Debra Wilkes. At the end of the Ceremony, the cutting of the ribbon was announced to be cut. At the beginning of the ceremony, David Akerman mentions to those talented kids to keep up doing their dreams and to follow what God gifted them from and for others to follow there own blessing from God. Also, they announced that if you want to purchase any of the paintings to contact the Corozal NICH.

 seeing the displays on the wall was very unique and detailed painting by the local artists. As you will see in the photo' Below are the different artists. I hope next year is Bigger and better. If you don't have plans for next week come join the Corozal Art in the Park beginning at 5pm and San Joaquin's Fiestarama. To read more about the Art Exhibition click here:

Mrs Lydia rancharan
Mr David Akierman
                                                      The Cutting of the ribbon.


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