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Our History About COEICH

After the British conquered India in 1844, the Indians in 1857 struggled unsuccessfully to regain control of their beloved country. Political unrest and famine in the land resulted in the Depression of the 1930's. Poverty impelled us to accept the offer of being indentured labourers.
Since slavery was abolished in 1833, the sugar plantation owners needed a large labour force to replace the freed slaves. Being an indentured labourer meant we belonged to our new employer. We had to work on the sugar plantation for five years with minimal wages and no rights.
We were commonly referred to as "Coolie", which means a paid servant of East Indian descendants, or Hindu. But usually Hindu is applied to members of the Hindu faith, which is a dominant religion of India. To distinguish us from many other Indians in the world, we are called East Indians because we came from the East.  Read more here for more about the East Indians:
On 28 February, 2010, COEICH held its first East Indian Fest out by Corozal Bay. It was a beautiful day and people came out to enjoy the entertainment, activities, and food. Below are pictures of the highlights of the day.

This Presentation show highlights about COEICH Miss East Indian in Belize. COEICH advices the general public that they want to boost the Corozal to become a touristic destination. There aim with the BTB is to promote more about Corozal town. The COEICH show was suppose to commenced at 7pm on Saturday night, but due to rain they delay it one hour later. Rain or shine the public still made it possible to continue the show.  The Belize National anthem and the Trinidad and Tobago national anthem was played at the begin of the show. Then, the president of the COEICH foundation, and the NICH for helping the event. Then, a prayer played by a guitar.  After a short speech opening ceremony the event commenced.

With the Different dances was made possible by the different Belize Culture groups from the East Indian Dance to Mestizo dance, Mayan dance, Machete dance, Garifuna dance, East Indian dances, poems. It was a night full of mix cultural show, what a fun night to see the past history something I learnt. Even an East Indian group was given awards for a three days work shop and young guy that though a group was given an award. Congrats guys! This event has grown immense over the last 6 years.  This event is based on a yearly bases where young ladies are voted to be crowned in Corozal to travel in Trinidad and Tobago to represent Belize.

In Trinidad and Tobago they compete with others competitors. But, on Saturday night Miss Aisha a local Corozalenia was crowned miss 2016-17 Miss East Indian. She will be representing Belize in Trinidad and Tobago for one year. Miss East Indian  2015 speech she said, Thanking all supporters who pushed her to do her best. Thanking everyone for the her visit to Trinidad and Tobago. In her entire year visit to Trinidad and Tobago she mentioned that her time there,  she met a lot of people, saw new food and a change of environment. Miss 2015 East Indian now advises Miss Aisha to continue dreaming her way to Trinidad and Tobago. She Will meet a lot of friends, different food and lifestyle. As Aisha was crown by Miss 2015 she kept advising to dream big. Then, at the end of the show vote of thanks was then shout out to NICH, BTB, the COEICH Show, the organizers,  and Gillharry 7 to make it possible for Saturday's night show.

I hope Next year is big and better. Here are the photos of Saturday night's show:

About Corozal Organization of East Indian Cultural Heritage (COEICH)
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    Corozal District
  • Short Description
    COEICH is a non-profit organization committed to preserve and promote East Indian culture in Corozal, Belize, and comes under the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture . COEICH is directly affiliated with NICH & ICA
  • Mission
    *Preserve and promote the values and traditions of the East Indian culture
    *Create an awareness of existing skills that woul...d help improve the standard of life
    * Enhance unity among the east indian people in Belize through joint efforts to promote and showcase our culture.
    *Rescue what was lost by conducting studies to investigate about our culture and share the findings.
    *Revive our culture by organizing fixed meetings to plan, organize and execute educational programs.
    *Embrace opportuniuties to establish a connection with people of similar culture within and outside of Belize and in so doing build a support network to help recapture our lost heritage.
    *Foster cultural identity among east indians by consistently educating them through various activities to remove any barriers of racism yet instilling in them to hold fast to our culture with pride.
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