A Brief History of the Mayan people

The Maya Culture of Belize is fading away. And, we need to bring back the Maya History. Batab Maaskab Masewal (The Northern Maya of Belize) from Orange Walk explained to me a brief history of the Mayas.  And, even right here in Corozal. there is a Mayan Group called the To'one Masehual'on group. If you want any information about the Mayas please contact this two pages. I want to thank the Batab Maaskal for this great information of the Mayas.

The Maya people  of the  Northern Belize belong to the group known as Yucatec Maya which are found in Corozal,Orange and Cayo . The Maya have been in the northern area of Belize since the first contact with the Spanish resisting for over 200 years until the British came . When the British came to Belize they did not encounter the Maya living in the sea side but they continue to live inland. As the British went deeper to the jungle they face Maya resistance by the rio Bravo,lamanai and Yalbac area . The British reported several attacks do…

Corozal held their Reggatta Sail on Saturday

The Corozal Sailing Club held their Regatta Sail at Jam Rock on April 14 @ 15. At 11am Sailors gathered infront of Jam Rock and one by one they sailed on the Bay of Corozal. The water was rough and the kids had rough time controlling the Sail. Today it is happening again until 3pm. So, come out and enjoy the weather right here at Jam Rock. 

Corozal House of Culture held their Full Moon Concert "Benque Marimba"

On a monthly basis we engage, learn and share our new learning and review music note reading with Professor Alejandro a musician by profession with speciality in bass guitar from Guatemala City; It is a fun way to embrace and expand our learning to obtain high standards in music.

Music notes a universal language  for our young musicians, we are humbled and proud of all the efforts by and for our Youths.
On Saturday night April 7, 2017 Corozal House of Culture presented to the Public "Full Moon Concert Benque Marimba Los Hijos Del West" got invited to play live music for the public in Corozal. It all took place infront of the  Corozal House of Culture  where a number of people filled up the sits. At 7:30pm  Ms. Debra Wilker did a short ceremony thanking everyone who came out to support Benque Marimba's  Los Hijos Del West event. Benque Marimba played mixed songs for the public such as Reggae, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia and more. The audience enjoyed watching the Marimba pl…

Belize's Culture Life

The Kekchi Maya is originally from the Verapaz region of Guatemala. They migrated to Belize in the late 1800's after losing their land and freedom to German coffee growers. Their language is also called Q'eqchi'. Maya women wear tops—when there was a feast, when they went to mass, when they danced, or when they had their pictures were taken for them it is a tradition. But for day-to-day woman’s work around the house. The two type of dress Kechi women uses is Mopan Maya huipil and skirt and a dress with little puffy sleeves and lacy ribbons that would have been appropriate for a child.  Food was masa, raw tortilla dough—dried corn soaked in slaked lime, and then finely ground, with enough water added to stick together, Tamales or Corn Tortilla with beams or Bush Veggies. Maya's use to use Corn as for Startch. They are recognized as the poorest and most disenfranchised of the ethnic groups in Belize. The system of ''alcade'' was practiced to be subsisten…

7 Great events you don't want to miss in Belize

From scuba diving to hiking up Mayan ruins or caving like Indiana Jones, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Belize. You’re probably thinking that you’ve been there and done that in Central America—perhaps in Costa Rica or Mexico.
But more than likely, you haven’t experienced what makes Belize unique from its neighbors: its fusion of Caribbean, African, Latin and Mayan cultures. From a West-Indian style carnival in Belize City to lobster feasts, Garifuna John Canoe dance contests and chocolate celebrations in Punta Gorda, planning a visit around one of the following seven local festivals in Belize will give you unique insight into its melting pot culture—the kind you won’t experience across the border. 
Belize Carnival Belize’s annual Carnival rivals those held in the Caribbean. Every September, residents of Belize City and Belizeans from around the country descend on Belize City to celebrate or take part in the ritual. The city’s main streets shut down as revelers in colorf…

Badfest 2018 Parade was held in Corozal

Corozalenos and people from around the country came out to witness the Bandfest 2018 right here in Corozal. It started on college road right into To 7th avenue and towards the roundabout entrance (by old social security), up to 4th avenue, Towards radio Bahia and turn by civic to the Ricalde Stadium. This about 13 bands came out to parade around Corozal town. SSD, Corozal Church of Christ Primary School,  Uprising Drum Core, Mahagonny Heights, Corozal Community College, Orange Walk  Central Drum Core, Belize Police Cadet Active Youth, Westly College Marching Band, Southern Sounds Marching Band, St. Luis Purple Spirit Marching Band, Guatemala Marching Band, Band Escolar Ciencia Y Tenico and Mexico Police.
 Judging was made in front of Jammrock during the Parade. This after at 1pm, all of the team will come out and compete by Categories. At the end of the Event, the judges will choose who will be the winner of 2018 Bandfest. Come out and at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal to witness thi…

Caye Caulker Go Slow lifestyle

Caye Caulker has always had a few families for about 10,000 years. The island sits in the middle of a natural feeding grounds and migratory routes for many fish, the conch and lobster industries. These grounds run about 8 miles in any seaward direction. So Caye Caulker’s official motto is “Go slow.” This is probably directed at your need to operate on Caribbean island speed but might also refer to the fact that Caye Caulker, Belize has two cemeteries and zero hospitals.The island of Caye Caulker takes up a total of six square miles. What makes Caye Caulker so charming, is that,  the fact that all the island’s power is generated by a couple hundred iguanas on hamster wheels.
The island, though lacking in cars, a sense of urgency and, yes, places to go should you cut your hand open slicing an orange, is full to the brim with a strong Creole/Rastafarian influence and the hilarious artistic creations that follow.
Caye Caulker is also colorful enough to keep…